Microsoft Excel Skills Tests

The All-New Microsoft Excel Skills Tests

Microsoft Excel 97-03, 2007, 2010

Human Resources Testing

  • Microsoft Competency Model The TapDance Live! Microsoft Office Excel Skills Tests are web-based applications that utilize interactive simulations that closely mirror the user experience using the Microsoft Excel software. All of the questions/tasks such as entering and editing cell contents, inserting graphics, filter and sort data, insert and modify formulas, just to name a few, are all linked to a Microsoft competency model so that you are able view test taker strengths and weakness as well as an overall skills score.
  • Competencies Assessed • Creating Data and Content • Analyzing Data • Formatting Data and Content • Collaborating with Others • Managing Workbooks
  • 2 Difficulty Levels• Basic Level Assesses skills required for entry level business communication and correspondence. The content and the skills required MORE • Every Day Business User Level Assesses the skill level required for formal preparation of specialized business communication and correspondence. MORE •
  • Multiple Correct Answers The TapDance skills testing platform allows test takers to perform tasks required by the questions in the actual way that they would if they were using the live software.  Simulations allow the test taker the option to complete the task using more than one conventional approach since there is no single best way to arrive at the correct answer when using the Microsoft Office software.
  • Detailed Assessments In addition to being able to assess a test taker’s overall skill level, the TapDance reports provide a detailed assessment of competencies linked to specific skills.  So you’ll know where individual differences lie even though two test takers have the same overall skill level.  This important information can be useful to more fully ID the right blend of competencies that are uniquely suited to your job and your organization.

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