Keyboarding Skills Tests

Keyboarding Skills Tests

Timed Typing, Ten Key, and Data Entry

Keyboarding skills are fundamental requirements of administrative, support, and clerical jobs.  Keyboarding skills are an essential component of success in any job environment requiring the input of alphanumerical data.  Keyboarding skills are the most highly utilized category in pre-employment testing.

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Keyboarding Skills

  • Timed Typing Timed Typing Tests assess keystroke text input in a (word per minute) WPM speed (Gross/Net) and overall WPM accuracy.  There are six timed typing tests available in this package.  There are three (3) five (5) minute and three (3) three minute (3) minute tests available.  The content changes for each of the 3 and 5 minute versions of the tests.  All versions are of equivalent difficulty and are content relevant for any administrative or support job requiring speed and accuracy of typed information.
  • Ten Key Ten Key Tests require the test taker to enter data from the test fields presented on screen.  The format of the fields varies from customer records to records of sales as well as inventory items.  The tests assess an individual's keystroke speed (both keystrokes per hour and keystrokes per minute) and accuracy (error counts).
  • Data Entry Data Entry Tests presents data records as cards on screen.  The format of the cards varies from customer records to sales data as well as inventory items. These tests require both alpha and numeric information to be input by the test taker. The tests assess an individual's keystroke speed (both keystrokes per hour and keystrokes per minute) and accuracy (error counts).

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