Basic Skills Tests

Basic Skills Tests

Spelling, Grammar, Math, Filing, Coding, and Sorting

Basic skills represent the underpinning for all higher level skills required in entry level jobs. The basic skills tests address the performance of job applicants when the job requires the incumbent to competently communicate with others.

Human Resources Testing

  • Spelling Tests Spelling Tests require an examination of the spelling of a series of commonly used, work-related words.   The words are preceded with a definition of meaning and then followed by the target word.  This test requires the test taker to identify misspellings and to correct the words that are misspelled.
  • Grammar Tests Grammar Tests measure all aspects of sentence structure, syntax, and language rules. More specifically, the Grammar Test assesses skills in six critical areas:  Word Usage, Capitalization, Abbreviation, Plurals, Possessives, and Conjugations.  This test requires the test taker to identify and change the grammatical structure of sentences using common business terms and phrases.
  • Math Tests Math Tests evaluate business computational skills commonly encountered in clerical and administrative jobs.  These tests measure four critical areas Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Percentages.
  • Filing Tests Filing Tests measure the ability to review lists of names, locations, addresses, record codes and other types of alpha numeric information and identify those that are out of alpha or alpha numeric order.  Content is industry specific to general business, public service, public safety, law, medical and financial services.
  • Coding Tests Coding Tests require the use of interpretive charts to re-code data from a previous format to a target format.  Examples include acquisition and recoding of customer records, changes in inventory control systems or other types of data used in financial services, banking, public service and law.  Requires attention to detail, accuracy and ability to review multiple criteria where speed and accuracy are important.
  • Sorting Tests Sorting Tests require the ability to sort lists using a number of criteria such as customer records, dates, cases pending – law, payments due, assignments to employees, tasks to be completed.  Each series requires either ascending or descending order format.  Sorting test content are business related general or industry specific versions.

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