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TapDance Live not only gives you all the features of a premium Skills Testing package, but also does it with no software to install and predictable and affordable pricing.

Educational systems are dedicated to training and preparing students to enter the workforce. That means the people who are involved in supporting the educational process need to stay current with the latest skills in using technology. Office, clerical, and administrative support jobs are critical to supporting students who are preparing for the challenges of the new job market. TapDance® Skills tests are now available to all educational facilities whether K-12 or at the college and university level using the Internet as the delivery platform. Anywhere, anytime and on demand. TapDance® Live! for Education was developed specifically for schools and educational organizations to assess potential for most entry level workers as well as administrative and support staff jobs. The objective is two-fold. First to assist educational facilities to assess the actual skill level of a job pool of applicants quickly and cost effectively for internal jobs and secondly to assist with the pre and post documentation of the actual training of students who are currently enrolled in programs that require the use of computer keyboarding skills in the target occupations.

Human Resources Testing

  • What Is It? The new TapDance® Live! for Education includes MS Word and Excel 97-2003, 2007, and 2010 tests packaged together with a wide range of keyboard and basic skills tests.  All test content is job relevant and content relevant to private enterprises across multiple maket sectors.
  • How Does It Work? TapDance® Live! for Education is licensed on an annual subscription basis.  That means small to medium sized businesses can test from multiple computers and/or internet connected devices using any browser for a single low fixed annual cost.  All upgrades, technical support and records storage is included in the annual subscription.  No additional fees for units used or number of tests administered are required.  All TapDance® Live! Skills Tests come with unlimited administration.  Whether your organization is a single office or a large multi-office regional or national business, you never have to be concerned about pre-paying for test units or test administrations
  • Special Discounts for Education  One subscription covers all geo-locations in your educational or school system and allows for up ten unique administrators to be authorized as well as the ability to test up to ten test-takers concurrently/ simultaneously. This is actually double the non-educational subscription price. That means one license allows the organization to test up to ten people continuously all day every day with a single subscription. All of the prices are discounted by 50% from our retail pricing structure.Large educational organizations who may need add additional bandwidth to test more than ten students at a time or have a need to add administrative users may add/revise their subscriptions at any time.

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The web browser has come a long way in the past few years.  All our tests run within the browser and can be administered to prospective employees anywhere.

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Sign up for a free trial now and be impressed with the life-like simulations of Microsoft Office software that will have you wondering if the software is actually running within the browser!

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